About Fast Track Archery

High Performance Bowstrings Made in Minnesota.

How Fast Track Archery High-Performance Bowstrings Are Different

The big manufacturers operate on a factory model that prioritizes the bottom line. With dozens of products and high employee turnover, it’s difficult to focus on quality.

Fast Track Archery offers a single product: custom, high-quality, high-performance bowstrings for compound bows. Each order is handmade in Minnesota by longtime hunter and archer Noel Schmidt.

Meet Noel Schmidt

Fast Track Archery is owned and operated by longtime bowhunter and competitive archer Noel Schmidt. Noel grew up bowhunting and shot competitions with factory-made strings. Early on, he discovered that custom made strings performed better than any product he could buy off the shelf.

When you order your Fast Track Archery bowstrings, you’ll work directly with Noel. He has personally made bowstrings for bowhunters and competitive archers. Every product he creates is handmade in his shop with high-quality BCY X-99 strings.


Three-time MSAA champion.

Josh - Dec. 15, 2018

"I have two sets for two target bows that I have, Noel makes awesome strings. Both string sets were the EXACT same, and I got both bows to be the EXACT same specs..."

5 star rating for fast track archery custom bowstrings

Kris - Nov. 27, 2018

"Noel does a great job with these strings. The time, effort, and materials Noel puts into each string are second to none..."

5 star rating for fast track archery custom bowstrings

Derick - Dec. 14, 2016

"I dropped my bow out of the tree stand and you can imagine what happened to my bow string. I called and he was able to get it in and complete within ONE DAY!! The custom string looks amazing and shoots even better..."

5 star rating for fast track archery custom bowstrings

Stable, quiet, fast bowstrings for compound bows.

high-quality custom bowstrings for hunters & archers.